12:19 a.m. 3/19/19

Sure wish the number “19” meant more snow for the DVSJ trail system. Our amazing trailmaster Mario, along with our fantastic groomers Lenny and Steve really are giving their best to keep the trails in shape, even as the club limps along with only 1 Piston Bully working! Their plan is to groom North and Chimney Hill - but not to Nido’s or the Clubhouse because of thin conditions. As well they will not groom beyond the airport loop at the power lines. South grooming won’t be done as the weather predicts warm temps and Boyd’s farm trail will be closed for no snow too.


Get out and ride while you can. Reports from riders say north was good on Sunday. Our downtown trails and Chimney Hill is very thin. The morning rides are icy and hard which makes for very little snow dust and over heating potential. Many bare spots and hills that face southern exposures have even longer bare spots. The Woodford groomer stated it was hard to groom……. very little to work with! Our old PB100 groomer is down again! Just too hard work out there. Any grooming will be posted when it can be done.

3/7/19 - Trails are amazing!

The riders are reporting great conditions. Trail master Mario spent most of the day getting the drag off the trail today so PB groomer will be hauled to get it fixed “AGAIN” - Chimney Hill is being groomed Thurs. night and North will be groomed Friday night. Lenny will be doing all the runs so we will keep you posted.

Mario says the trails are phenomenal and he has been grooming between the bridges with the bearcat. The golf course is nice and flat!!

Yahoooo! Trails are open - Happy Valentines Day!

Report from our Groomers:

”North looks sweet”. Groomed The trail down to Saloon and Layla’s. Chimney Hill was done last night too. Trails set up nice and we thank all you riders that waited to ride so that the trails could be worked over. Just to let you know there were a lot of drainage pipes put in during the last thaw. Our trailmaster wanted the trails safe and made sure none of them popped up and had enough snow cover.


Just publishing a reminder that trails are closed. DVSJ face book page is also sharing surrounding clubs’ closure reports. Believe the reports! - ice, bare rocks, exposed tree stumps all due to the rain and wild temperature swings from warm to cold. BE ADVISED - the wind throughout Friday night into Sat averaging 49-50 mph with gusts to 60 mph will create blow downs. The concerns our Trail Master has - What will happen to all the work that was done placing pipes in water bars from the previous warming trend? Please be patient as you know our fab Trail Master and groomers will be on it! Maybe Valentine’s day will give us HEARTFELT snow!