Ground hog day weekend! The south trails were groomed Thurs. and Chimney Hill and North are being groomed Fri. Night. The riding is fine. Thanks to our fine director Gene the trail to The Nutmeg Inn and Wilmington Inn has been packed down. Lunch can also be found at West Dover Joe’s, The Last Chair and Valley View Saloon.

Remember this is the weekend VAST has designated a free weekend for non-TMA riders. You must have any state registration and snowmobile liability insurance.

Any trail updates will be made if conditions change.

1/15/2019Trails are open and snow is coming.

Sorry for the silence DVSJ snowmoilers. It’s been a struggle but our new website is here for the 2019 NEW YEAR! We have been busy getting the trails cleared. Our trail master Mario and crew along with our fab groomers have been very very busy! The good news is trails are open and more snow is coming this MLK weekend. Right now the Chimney Hill area is thin covered. There is logging on the west side of RTE 100 tunnel.

Because of the light snow Layla’s Riverside Lodge trail to the Saloon is closed until more snow. It appears that some ‘yahoos’ didn’t respect the landowners property and tore up the grass. Park your sled and walk to the saloon please. Stay tuned for more updates.